About the Program:

The Employee Continuing Education Program is a joint program of WVU Medicine Thomas Hospitals and the Thomas Foundation.

WVU Medicine Thomas Hospitals and the Thomas Foundation supports and encourages employees who wish to further their education. The tuition reimbursement program is intended to provide employees with financial assistance for their educational costs. This program is also intended to provide employees with assistance for education and training in the performance of their present position, or desired future position, within the healthcare arena while improving the overall quality of patient care and service to our community.

  • The maximum reimbursement given to the eligible employee with funds from WVU Medicine Thomas Hospitals and Thomas Foundation is up to $3,000/semester, maximum of $9,000/year.


  • Tuition reimbursement is available to full and part-time employees of WVU Medicine Thomas Hospitals. Per diem, temporary or WOB employees are not eligible for this benefit.
  • Eligible WVU Medicine Thomas Hospitals employees must have completed their probationary period (normally six months) and be in good standing with attendance and discipline.
  • Written (or above) disciplines within the past 12 months will disqualify the employee.
  • Probationary employees admitted to a formal healthcare related program (Nursing, Laboratory, Imaging, etc.) may apply and qualify for tuition reimbursement at the beginning of the semester following their hire date.
  • Courses must qualify for college credit hours.


  • Applicants must complete a WVU Medicine Thomas Hospitals Employee Tuition Reimbursement Application at the end of each semester.
  • Applications are to be signed by the department director/manager and then forwarded to Education Services Department.
  • Participants must submit documentation of tuition expenses including fees and books, transcripts and grades received within thirty (30) days of course completion.
  • Employees are required to obtain an A or B or P for a pass/fail course to be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Employees receiving Tuition Reimbursement are required to work six months full or part time for every semester funded.

Additional Information:

  • Granting of tuition reimbursement does not guarantee employment or allow an employee to alter their work schedule.
  • Tuition reimbursement in no way guarantees continuation of employment or promotion.
  • Recipients will receive their check by mail at the address they provide in the application.
  • WVU Medicine Thomas Hospitals Employee Family Reimbursement is a separate entity. These applicants are eligible for up to $500 per semester. Click here for information.
  • Please contact Ben Priddy, Benjamin.Priddy@ThomasHealth.org with any questions.
Download the Employee Continuing Education Reimbursement Application