No two cancer patients are alike, and neither are their preferences for their treatment journey. Some patients prefer being in a group setting for treatment, while others prefer to take treatment alone. Some patients prefer to be entertained with television, and others enjoy book reading. Patients might have different preferences each time they come in for treatment. One thing remains the same, though: the desire for comfort.

The staff at the Thomas Health Cancer Center (THCC) works to offer a compassionate and supportive atmosphere for the 100 patients who are seen for treatment each day. Their goal is to make patients feel as comfortable and at-home as possible during their treatment. Unfortunately, the treatment space has been too small to accommodate the amount of patients receiving treatment and has not offered the choice of social setting during chemo. Infusion chairs were old and uncomfortable for patients who could sit for up to eight hours, several days a week, as they receive treatment. The need to enhance the treatment space was felt by staff and patients alike.

Fortunately, through funding from the Thomas Health Foundation, the THCC was able to renovate and refurbish the cancer treatment area to offer, not only a comfortable space, but one where patients have the choice of social setting for their treatment.

Expansions in the space allowed new exam rooms to be built that can serve as private chemo rooms. Doors were widened in two of the rooms to accommodate patient beds for procedures or bed-bound patients. These renovations allow patients to choose where they would like treatment – in a group setting or a private room.

The new rooms are freshly painted and include new pieces of artwork, curtains and flooring to make the space as relaxing as possible. “Being able to be in a quiet, clean, relaxing room allows the patients to focus on themselves and the strength that they truly have within,” said Erin Jackson, RN, Director of Oncology Services.

New infusion chairs were purchased for patients to be more comfortable during treatment. The chairs can recline to the size of a twin side bed and include a lap table that offers plenty of room for electronic devices, books, snacks and more. “Something as small as a comfortable place to sit is a huge deal for someone that has to sit in that chair for up to eight hours at a time. Feeling comfortable during the entire chemo process makes all the difference.”

The renovations are a small reflection of the care each member of the THCC team feels for their patients. “The Foundation has afforded patients luxuries while they are going through the fight of, and for, their life. We, the Cancer Center, cannot thank them enough for allowing us to honor our patients with the best – the best care, the best place, and the best hospital. We will forever be grateful.”