“I want to say ‘Thank you’ to the Foundation for choosing me as one of the scholarship candidates. The scholarship has covered a portion of my tuition allowing me to take the steps to better myself for me and my family. I emphasize the importance of education to my girls, and this opportunity has given me the chance to set an example for them without taking on the full burden of educational expenses. I look forward to my advancing my career with Thomas Health!”
Dorethea Taylor-Henshaw, LPN

“The Thomas Health Foundation has provided me with multiple learning opportunities. When I was in middle school I had the opportunity to attend the Junior Nursing Academy that is funded by the Thomas Health Foundation. This Academy gave me further insight into nursing and inspired me to pursue a career in nursing. While in nursing school, I received a scholarship from the Foundation and worked as a Nurse Extern. The scholarship and extern experience positively impacted me and was beneficial to me during nursing school. After graduating, I started my career as a nurse at Thomas Memorial Hospital. The learning opportunities and experience the Foundation and Thomas Health have provided me with and continue to provide me with are invaluable.”
Madison, RN

“I truly cannot express my gratitude to both the Thomas Foundation and all of Thomas Hospital’s staff and board members for providing me the opportunity to learn and grow in my nursing career. I have now graduated with my bachelor’s degree in nursing, which allows me to pursue the many opportunities available at Thomas as an RN. I am a true Thomas success story! Thank you!”
Marcella Baisden, RN/BSN

“I just wanted to thank the Thomas Health Foundation for the Employee Family Reimbursement given to my mother. This financial support is incredibly helpful as I am attending Marshall University. I am currently in my second semester. At Marshall, I am studying biology so that I can become a pediatric dentist. With your generosity, this educational opportunity will always be remembered. Thank you so much.”
Katy Limanen