About the Fund: The purpose of the Employee Assistance Fund is to provide financial assistance to employees who have experienced a qualifying event (see Eligibility Requirements) or severe financial issues. The Fund is solely funded through donations made by WVU Medicine Thomas Hospitals employees as a part of the Employee Giving Campaign, facilitated by the Thomas Foundation. Participants may receive up to $500 per calendar year. Applicants may apply for the full amount one time or apply multiple times during the year, totaling up to the maximum amount.

Eligibility Requirements: This program is available to all WVU Medicine Thomas Hospitals employees, including all actively working full-time, part-time and per diem employees who are in need of assistance.

In order to be eligible for the Employee Assistance Fund, employees must have experienced severe financial issues or a qualifying event, such as a house fire, flooding, medical bills, untimely death in the family, or need to get out of a dangerous living condition. Employees must have supporting documents to accompany their application.

Some examples include: 

  • House fire or flood: photos of damaged residence
  • Past Due (at least 60 days) Medical bills: copy of medical bills with employee’s name shown
  • Untimely death in the family: copy of obituary
  • Severe financial issues: past due bills, notice of eviction, notice of termination of utility services

How to Apply: Applicants must submit the Employee Assistance Application and supporting documents to the Human Resources (HR) department. A committee will review the application and supporting documents, and an HR representative will notify employees via phone if their application has been approved.

This program is funded by the Foundation but is managed through the Human Resources Department. To learn more, please call Human Resources at 304-766-3631. If you would like to nominate a coworker for either fund, please consult your supervisor or call Human Resources with the same phone number.

Apply for Employee Assistance